Department Chair

Prof. Pinchas Roth

Department Chair
Building 410 room 137
    קורות חיים


    BA, 2005         Hebrew University of Jerusalem         Talmud Department   

    MA, 2007        Yeshiva University                             Jewish History Dept. 

    PhD, 2012       Hebrew University of Jerusalem         Talmud Department   


    Postdoctoral fellowship, New York University School of Law, 2012-2013

    Postdoctoral fellowship, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 2013-2015


    Masters thesis: ‘Sefer ha-Pardes: The Genesis of a Medieval Halakhic Miscellany’, (Hebrew; equivalent of MA thesis, 2008). Advisor: Prof. Simcha Emanuel


    PhD dissertation: Later Provençal Sages – Jewish Law (Halakhah) and Rabbis in Southern France, 1215-1348 (Hebrew; 2012). Advisor: Prof. Simcha Emanuel


    Field of specialization:

    Medieval Jewish law; History of Halakhah


    Previous employment:

    2000-2006       Employee, Israel National Library

    2003-2006       Research assistant, Hebrew University

    2006-2008       Hebrew manuscript specialist, New York Public Library


    Prizes and Fellowships

    Alon Fellowship for Outstanding Young Researchers, Israel Council for Higher Education (2015-2018)

    Martin Buber Fellowship, Hebrew University (2015-2017) - declined

    Ephraim Urbach Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (2013)

    Post-doctoral fellowship, Goldstein-Goren Center for Jewish Thought, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (2013-2015)

    Finalist, Mandel Post-doctoral Fellowship (Scholion “Marathon”), Hebrew University (2013)

    Post-doctoral fellowship, Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization, New York University Law School (2012-2013)

    Prize for doctoral students (co-winner), Chaire Paulette et Claude Kelman pour l'étude du judaïsme français, Hebrew University (2010)

    Doctoral Scholarship, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (2010-2011)

    President’s Fellowship for Outstanding Doctoral Students, Hebrew University (2008-2012)

    Graduate student research fellowship, Arthur Schneier Institute for International Affairs, Yeshiva University (Summer 2007)

    Graduate student fellowship, Bernard Revel Graduate School for Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University (2006-2007)

    Graduate student fellowship, Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Hebrew University (2005)

    J. N. and Zipporah Epstein Memorial Prize, Talmud Department, Hebrew University (2004)

    Prize from Sir Isaac Wolfson Center for Talmudic Studies, Hebrew University (2003)


    Academic conferences and sessions organized

    1. Les acteurs économiques juifs médiévaux face à la Halakha, EPHE, Paris, 16 November 2015 (with Juliette Sibon and Claude Denjean), poster at:
    2. Jewish Thought in Late Medieval Provence, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, 19 November 2014 (with Prof. Daniel Lasker). Opening lecture at:
    3. ‘Medieval Minhag and Jewish Legal History’, Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 8 July 2014
    4. ‘Talmud and Halakhah in Medieval Southern France’, session at World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, 31 July 2013
    5. ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches to Halakhic Texts’, symposium at Bernard Revel Graduate School for Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University, 16 April 2013 (organized with Rachel Furst, in collaboration with Yeshiva University), description at:
    6. ‘Medieval Halakhah in Cultural Context’, session at AJS Conference, 18 December 2012 (with Rachel Furst and Ethan Zadoff)
    7. ‘Halakhah as a Historical Source’, research workshop at the Hebrew University, 28 March 2011 (with Rachel Furst), poster at:
    History of Halakhah
    Medieval rabbinic literature
    Jews in medieval Provence
    Jews in medieval England


    1. ‘Meir ben Simeon ha-Meili on Protracted Pregnancy’, Zutot (forthcoming, 15 p.)
    2. 'דגים, מנהגים ופילוסופיה: פולמוס הלכתי בפרובאנס במאה הארבע-עשרה', פעמים (30 עמ')
    3.  ‘Asking Questions: Rabbis and Philosophers in Medieval Provence’, Journal of Jewish Studies (2016, forthcoming, 14 p.)
    4. 'ר' דוד בן שאול וביקורתו על הלכות יין נסך בדרום צרפת', תרביץ פג (תשע"ה), עמ' 439–463.
    5. ‘New Responsa by Isaac ben Peretz of Northampton’, Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 46 (2014): 1-17
    6. Regional Boundaries and Medieval Halakhah: Rabbinic Responsa from Catalonia to Southern France in the 13th and 14th Centuries’, Jewish Quarterly Review 105 (2015): 72-98
    7. "יש לכם אב למקראו": הערה על פרשנות התלמוד הירושלמי בדרום צרפת בימי הביניים', סידרא כט (תשע"ה), עמ' 117-125
    8.  ‘New Light on Rabbi Reuben ben Hayyim’, Revue des études juives 173, 3-4 (2014): 371-380
    9.  ‘Legal Strategy and Legal Culture in Medieval Jewish Courts of Southern France’, AJS Review 38, 2(2014), pp. 375-393
    10. ‘Responsa from Heaven: Fragments of a New Manuscript of ‘She’elot u-Teshuvot min ha-Shamayim’ from Gerona’, Materia Guidaica 15-16 (2010-2011), pp. 555-564
    11.  'הסימן החסר בספר תרומת הדשן', עלי ספר כא (תש"ע), עמ' 179–181.
    12. ‘On Some Rabbinic Fragments from the “Italian Genizah” and from Gerona’, Materia Guidaica X/2 (2005), pp. 305-312
    13. 'שרידי שאילתות מרווינה', גנזי קדם א (תשס"ה), עמ' 245–271
    14. 'פירוש על מסכת קינים לאחד מבעלי התוספות (הר"ש משאנץ?)', נטועים ז (תש"ס), עמ' 9–44



    Book chapters

    1. ‘The Responsa of Gersonides and their Reception’, Gersonides through the Ages, ed. Gad Freudenthal, Ofer Elior and David Wirmer (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming, 26 p.)
    2. ‘Rabbinic Politics , Royal Conquest and Provençal Jewish Identity’, Regional Identities and Cultures of Medieval Jews, ed. Talya Fishman, Ephraim Kanarfogel and Javier Castaño (Oxford: Littman Library, forthcoming, 18 p.)
    3. with Ethan Zadoff, ‘The Talmudic Community of Thirteenth-Century England’, Christians and Jews in Angevin England: the York Massacre of 1190, Narratives and Contexts, ed. Sarah Rees Jones and Sethina Watson, York Medieval Press: Woodbridge 2013, pp.184-203


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